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Review of “The Fever” by Sonia Shah

Feminist Review

27 Jul 2010

Vampire mania has taken hold and Sonia Shah’s “The Fever” goes back in time before Twilight and even Dracula to the first vampires: mosquitoes and their parasites. Shah tells a good story, and this story has everything from drama and risk to villains...

The Sweep of Modern-Day Slavery

25 Jun 2009

As the global economy shrinks, human trafficking is on the rise – and it extends far beyond prostitution.

Trafficking Report: Less Sensationalism, More Reality

RH Reality Check

23 Jun 2009

The State Department’s new Trafficking in Persons report suggests that the Obama administration will opt for evidence-based responses to trafficking over putting restrictions on women “for their own good.”

Sex and Taxes

16 Apr 2009

Nevada’s innovative $5-a-time sex tax would have given something back to the state’s prostitutes.

Sex Workers Denied Right to Safe Work

RH Reality Check

17 Oct 2008

Around the world, people turn to sex work in the hopes of earning a living wage – and maybe even to support their families. But misguided policies routinely deny them that right.

Who's Trafficked?

RH Reality Check

19 May 2008

Understanding the distinction between trafficking and sex work is crucial, because Congress is poised to re-authorize the federal law against human trafficking with new provisions that will both increase penalties for sex workers and effectively decrease...

Sex Work, Trafficking: Understanding the Difference

RH Reality Check

5 May 2008

Even those who mean well sometimes confuse the human rights abuse of trafficking in persons with the human occupation of prostitution, or sex work. It’s understandable because of the history of the two fields, but it creates rather than solves problems...