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U.S. HIV-AIDS Policy Sidelines Sex Workers

We News

3 Aug 2012

Widespread vagueness about the U.S. funding guidelines and an anti-prostitution pledge has hurt sex workers, the people who could most benefit from U.S. foreign aid and who are best placed to turn the tide of the epidemic.

Ontario Set to Decriminalize Sex Worker Activities

RH Reality Check

4 Oct 2010

On September 28th, 2010, in an unprecedented judicial move, an Ontario court struck down three provisions that criminalize activities related to prostitution. Prostitution itself is not illegal in Canada but ancillary activities like advertising and...

Sex Workers Deserve Rights Too

Global Health Magazine

28 Jul 2010

Since 2003, U.S. government funding to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic has been subject to an anti-prostitution clause forbidding the “promotion of prostitution” by grant recipients. There are few published articles about the effects of PEPFAR’s anti...

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